Number 5

Outside the night is still

Darkness creeps in

The light of a candle flickers on the wall

I watch the smoke rise

I feel myself fall


Killing me slowly

Filling my lungs

A flame

A kiss

A cancer


The Letter

His discarded letter

Half written in ink

Professing his love for the lady in pink


Now smudged and torn

It never left his side

For admitting he loved her

would damage his pride


Now a soul full of regret

He wanders these halls

His footsteps echo

No one to answer his call


The lady in pink

Now a soul in mid-flight

She lived and she loved

Ignorant of his plight


She too loved the man

But neither would admit

Afraid of their feelings

Afraid to commit


The souls never meet

In life after death

Always wishing they had professed their love

in their last breath


They both wish to say

To those living today


Never take love for granted

Never be fearful

Never regret

Don’t end up tearful 


Watch your step

Or you may fall

Down a well of no return

Where time stands still

And an echo of your voice is all you hear


To see your breath before your eyes

To feel the cold pinch at your skin

To scream and only hear an echo

Of their many lies


We can face the world together

Or we can brace it all alone

We can huddle in the corner

Or stand fighting in the cold

But, this is all we have

This is all we’ve ever known


People treading quietly

Across a battleground


 * This is an unfinished song called “Battleground” that will be recorded during the Summer. I hope you enjoy the lyrics for the moment. Thanks again for all of your support.

– Natasha


You run into the night

Heart in one hand and diary in the other

To bury your flaws deep within its pages


The night is all you have

to run along a different path

to follow where the words may lead


Remembering and regretting


Wearing nothing but your past mistakes


An ink-stained life

Reflecting the memories

The dreams

The realities


Deeper and deeper you run

The words, they flow

The page is now drowning

The dark consumes the light


But, this is my life

This is your life

Just embrace it

Never erase it


Let the words flow

Trust in yourself

And in all that you have created

The City

I’m still a stranger to this city

The bright lights blinding me

All these strangers

Vacant stares

They look straight through me


I don’t want to go this alone

But I know that it must be done

I’ll sink my worries to the bottom

Then drown them in this ocean


I know that I’ve been scarred

This battle makes it hard

to breathe sometimes

Let alone to fight


The walls are caving in

Something pulls on my heartstrings

We’re out of sync

We’re beating out of time


But I’ll hold on

Look into the distance

The light it breaks the silence

Flooding my existence 



*This was written and recorded as a song when I was about sixteen. If you guys enjoy it I may record it again during the Summer. 

Thanks for all of your support so far.

– Natasha